As we travel down an unsustainable path of reckless borrowing, spending and wastefulness, the misdirection of party politics (liberal vs democrat, D vs R) will eventually yield to curiosity and a desire for understanding.

When you see more concern about the desire to uncover the truth than a party “winning” or “being right”, we’ll be on the right track.  The sooner, the better.

When the promises that “Government will provide (insert entitlement here)” go unfulfilled, only then will we realize that costs must be borne by individuals.  A woman with five children can, should and will pay more for healthcare, resources and lifestyle as a result of her actions.

The answer we will learn (the hard way) over the next few years is to stop ceding our power to the Fed, Treasury and governments since we can only rely on ourselves and those around us.

Hopefully, when this realization occurs, we will demand our power back instead giving away more of our rights, liberties and responsibilities.  Only then can the healing begin.

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