Days 15-22 have been “shape shifting” and by that I mean what I am focusing on reducing seems to diminish (negative thoughts patterns), but something new springs up in their place (distractions)

It seems our minds have clever ways of asserting themselves and not making permanent change very easy.

I have seen great results with “timeboxing“… setting aside time to work on specific tasks without interruption.  I’ve found I accomplish more by isolating both a task and a time and making it deliberate rather than having an ocean of time and less structure.

The daily message before bed to the subconscious hasn’t made much of an impact recently, however, I have noticed that my sincerity has diminished as well.  I need to step that up.

I will continue to apply myself and see where it takes me.

I have been making steady, slow and oftentimes frustrating progress on a major task at work.  I would not have made this progress at all had I not taken on this 30-day trial!

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