I saw an incredible program about dogs today.  The program showed some of the many ways dogs can assist humans from opening doors to predicting a seizure hours before it happens and alerting family members.  It is really amazing that these creatures can bring so much comfort and relief to a human.

When raising dogs, just like raising children, it takes a disciplined, patient and loving master to nurture and guide the growth process to help the dog achieve its full potential.

It is easy to get the feeling there is a lack of love in this world.  The next time you feel that way, or are having a particularly difficult day, try doing something, however small, to change that.  The welfare state, WIC or Social Services simply cannot provide the discipline and love that a dedicated adult can.

If you’ve been fortunate enough to have parents that loved you and cared enough about you to discipline you and set a good example, be thankful.

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  1. KoutaNo Gravatar on November 21st, 2014 8:01 pm

    Just finished this book. Finished Ferriss’ 4 hour body book last week.Art DeVany’s book is much beettr although there is a lot of overlap between some of the nutrition/exercise principles in the book. Art’s tone is much more authoritative and less jokey . The irreverant tone of 4 hour body is beettr taken in small doses. Also Art’s advice is much more immediately applicable. But I would understand that Ferriss’ book is more about marketing his book with zany ideas than Art’s no-nonsense approach. Ferriss is an excellent marketer (the title alone probably sold 35% of his books).I have been trumpeting the Pareto principle in all walks of life. Very few people like to subscribe to it because of the negative repercussions of its truth. For example to say that short intense exercises are more beneficial than running long-distance automatically puts the person who treadmills for an hour and whose shirt is drenched in sweat in a defensive position (plus he has sweat-equity to prove that his efforts were not in vain something a person working out less wouldn’t have). This analogy can also be applied to promotions at work (boss’ nephew gets promoted), driving habits, etc.thanks for the book recommendations.

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