We often hear the phrase “(constituency being courted) built the middle class!”

To me, the “middle class” to me is a fancy politician’s word used to build up support from voting blocs.

Who really built the “middle class”, or more importantly, who has built the source of increasing, compounding wealth in AmericaEntrepreneurs.

Those color-blind, money-hungry, “greedy”, consumer-pleasing entrepreneurs…  They are the providers of jobs and the source of constant, incremental improvement in all areas of our lives from customer service to technology.  The motivation of profits and freedom has motivated thousands across the world to flock to our country and engage in mutually beneficial transactions.

Blue collar workers who punch a clock in a factory did not build a middle class, anymore than the teenager at McDonald’s built the corporation it is today.  It is the owner, with his ass/reputation/money/credit/pride on the line that deserves the credit.

The collectivist mindset of saving the “middle class” espoused by both Democrats/Republicans or anyone running for office is a lame attempt to curry favor with those groups of people giving them credit for accomplishments they are not directly responsible for.

As always, better to focus on providing value, in any capacity, for friends, family, employers and customers rather than relying on a politician to get elected and give your voting bloc the goodies it was promised.

Thank you for reading.

To clarify: Banks/oil companies/auto companies and any other big businesses that lobby for benefits or get bailouts do not qualify; I will make sure to clear up this distinction in a future post.

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