Obama Ask For Drone Back

A US drone landed in Iran earlier this month.  The Iranians are claiming to have the drone in its entirety.

The Iranians recovered the crashed drone or managed to land it and now the US is asking for our spy plane back.

Hey, we’re spying on you, but would you mind sending us back our multi-million dollar piece of spy equipment?  We need it back so we can spy on you some more and then, eventually, invade you when the timing is better…

Hillary Clinton said “given Iran’s behavior to date, we do not expect them to comply”.


The US has bombed and killed 100k+ CIVILIANS in Iraq.  That might explain Iran’s distrust of the US and reluctance to hand over the drone.

Iran is in possession of a FOREIGN object that landed on their own soil and Hillary Clinton questions their behavior for refusing to give back a drone that was being used against them?

  • What would be our reaction if China sent a drone over one of our cities?
  • What if it crashed in a major city?  Would we return it?  What would the collective reaction be?
  • Is Obama anymore tactful than Bush by asking for a piece of spy equipment back?
  • Do Obama supporters really believe he is different on foreign policy than Bush?
  • Is the expense of building, flying, crashing unmanned drones worth it?
  • Why did Obama win the Nobel Peace Prize?
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