Michael Jordan on handling a loss…  Begins at 10:20

Gratitude —–> Acceptance —–> Hunger

MJ would later go on to win six NBA Championships and six NBA Finals MVPs in the next eight years.

We should all be so hungry.

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One Response to “Michael Jordan on Losing”

  1. RajNo Gravatar on November 21st, 2014 12:03 pm

    3) Don’t be slave of time and situation. (kinda smialir to Never catch a running train)be prepared to do what u feel like doing. This world, these people, the situation, NO, Nothing can stop you, coz your desire to do or achieve those things are at the top of all. They are all highly concentrated.e.g. I am tempted to eat hot chocolate but its raining hard outside. I dont care. I just dont give a damn to anything in this world. I see that hot chocolate infront of my eyes and nothing else. Thats the only thing I want to achieve now. Thats it. Now nothing can stop me. Not rain, not water, not Sun.Thats the way things are got done. I have seen many people who want big things in my life. But none of them have this DESIRE to work hard and achieve the dreams.Remember if u want to climb the 10th stair and amid there are 9 stairs. Whatever is there on those middle 9stairs. You dont have to care. Coz what u see is the only 10th stair, thats your dream. You climb all 9 this way or that way. dont just be prepared to goto heaven, be ready to die for it too. 4) Never think what people will think. Be yourself.If u are doing something just coz you are thinking people will say its done good.Its not you who is doing those things, its those people getting things done from you.I will tell you a story. Once a Man had been to a party. There had been Business tycoons, Entrepreneurs and Industrialists in the party. The Man used to speak to these big people about an online Encyclopedia which will be capable of being edited by anyone who can read it. People used to eye his suspiciously and then laugh aloud at him. None of the big people in the party supported the Man.That Man was not disheartened and discouraged. He still got all the efforts to get that Encyclopedia on the Internet. Today the name of the Encyclopedia is Wikipedia and the name of the Man is Jimmy Wales, the founder.

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