That was the sign above the Detroit Pistons locker room the year they won the NBA Championship.  It’s a maxim that should be in every weight room, prison, day care center, office building and elementary school.

We often see only the finished product and rarely the struggle and the sacrifice it takes to reach the top.  I always promised myself to one day take my son to see a full NFL practice before seeing an NFL game.  I think it is important to see the work that goes into the finished product.

There is something beautiful and masculine about working hard, working earnestly, and striving to achieve; even for something as seemingly meaningless as beating a rival team.

I hope you enjoy the following videos.  They have given me strength and peace of mind whenever I feel lazy or unmotivated.  Life is a struggle and it is never easy, but nothing worthwhile is accomplished without effort.


1) Failure.  MJ was always amazing in the clutch when it counted.  He always kept a cool head and had an even keel.  He never got too high or too low.  It’s important to not get too upset about failures.  It’s important to learn from them, grow and focus on success.

2)  Excuses.  There was a door in my high school gym that read “An Excuse is the Beginning of a Failure”.  This video displays some of the most common excuses and then smashes them in the finale.  Watch it, you will like it.

3)  MJ again.  A great monologue about hard work, perserverance and dedication.  Like so much in life, all we see is the finished product.  MJ eloquently lays that notion to rest.

Have a great day.  Thanks for watching.

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