We all know politicians put on one face for the masses and another face behind closed doors.  It is rare we get a candid moment when we realize how two-faced our leaders can be.

Fast forward to five hours, eighteen minutes of this clip.

Do you know what the Secretary of the Treasury and Chairman Bernanke told us that famous meeting or several meetings that we had?

That we’re 24 hours away from total meltdown of the American economy and 72 hours away from total meltdown of the world economy.  That it would take us back several hundred years.

That we did not have even the security to feed America if it happened.  I could go on to other scary things but I’m not about to do it now.

Amazing.  Whenever Bernanke or Paulson was in front of a TV or in front of cameras last Fall they gave the same copacetic assessment about how the economy was stable and everything was fine.  However, to those that have power and influence, he tells a much different story.

The American people can remain confident in the soundness and the resilience of our financial system. – Hank Paulson, 9/21/2008

We often discover leaks in the Matrix.  We can all remember seeing our parents do things for the first time that let us know they were human and not perfect.  Likewise, our government is not perfect and instead of romanticizing the political process or “parties”, it is more beneficial to focus on safeguarding ourselves from the inevitable economic problems we will encounter.

I’ll be sitting down this weekend and mentally trying to imagine how I would respond to various different stress scenarios and what the outcomes would be.  It never hurts to check.  Better safe than sorry.

Takeaway: This video clip contains a startling admission.  It demonstrates the contempt that Washington has for its own citizens.  Instead of falling for the celebrity reality-show “Inside the Obama White House”, turn off the TV and do some thinking about what could happen if our “leaders” get it totally wrong.

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