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AIG Bonus Dilemma : Inthon

Just some back of the envelope calculations about AIG.

Bonus compensation:  $165,000,000

Taxpayer dollars already committed to AIG:  $170,000,000,000

Amount of Treasury Debt the “Federal Reserve” will buy:  $300,000,000,000

AIG’s bonus payments as a percentage of taxpayer dollars already committed to AIG: 1/10th of one percent (0.097%)

AIG’s bonus payments as a percentage of Amount of Treasury Debt the “Federal Reserve” will buy:  6/100ths of one percent  (0.055%)

Does it really make sense to have a whole day of political chest-thumping and finger-pointing because some bozos will get to keep some extra money, which would have been completely wasted anyway

Of course I love making these idiots squirm and suffer, but doesn’t it pale in comparison to the amount of money the government is heaving around?

With $300 billion being spent to manipulate interest rates, doesn’t that warrant more concern/questioning than $165 million?

As usual, most news outlets (save Bloomberg) focus on the hot button issue, rather than the meaningful one.

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One Response to “AIG Bonus Dilemma”

  1. DanNo Gravatar on March 20th, 2009 12:53 pm

    The $300B is too hard to explain to the sheep; hence, the rhetoric shifts to the “greedy bankers” as usual, a common & easy theme for a sheep to comprehend.

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